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Part Number: B_COURT2

Price: $9.95
This handy book illustrates over thirty indexes used in courthouses. Each has a simple explanation on how to use the index. Don't miss records of your family because of a misunderstanding of how to use the index in that county. Useful for those who go to the courthouse personally, or those who use microfilm.
Part Number: B_COURT

Price: $21.95
The only guidebook devoted totally to courthouse research, from an author who has researched in more than 500 courthouses of the U.S. Christine starts with the preparation, giving advice on which courthouse to research first, how to prepare, and how to get past the clerks into the records. She then offers concrete examples of what will be found in each office, how to use the indexes in that office, and how to interpret what is found. Going beyond the location of the record, she discusses evaluation of the records, significance to the family's search, and many other facets of research. Written in a clear style, concise, and with many tips for novices to advanced researchers.