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This little gem by the Director of the Society of Genealogists (London) contains a consolidated list of the Companions of William the Conqueror and is in effect a synthesized edition of the famous Battle Abbey Roll. In addition to being the most comprehensive version of the Battle Abbey Roll ever compiled, it includes three scholarly papers which discuss the validity of the evidence and form a basis for testing conclusions. Mr. Camp also references those Companions of the Conqueror whose names appear in theDomesday Bookof 1086 and cross-references from the Roll to the Duchess of Cleveland's three-volume work on the Battle Abbey Roll and Lewis Loyd'sOrigins of Some Anglo-Norman Families.

Price: Varies
About twenty years from now mankind will reach the 2000th anniversaries of all the events that created Christianity. Two millennia will have passed from the time of every known event in the life of Christ. Opportunities for spiritual growth will be everywhere. They have already begun to appear.