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Part Number: CLOOZ35

Price: $39.95
Clooz is a companion software program that helps to:
  • Organize and analyze your documents
  • Supplement Legacy Family Tree software with a true document-based research approach
  • See how documents combine to reveal connections between people in the "Composite View"
Part Number: LCC

Price: $34.95
With Charting Companion, you can create beautiful-looking family tree charts! Share your research with friends and relatives. For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. (Note: this is not the same as "Legacy Charting," which is the Wall Charting program that is included with Legacy Deluxe. This is an additional charting program published by Progeny Genealogy.)
Part Number: TDL

Price: $29.95
This amazing charting program produces high-quality genealogy charts from your Legacy family file. Creates large wall charts - great for display at family gatherings.
Part Number: PMD

Price: $74.95
Looking for a more advanced or professional-level software program to manage your multimedia files? With Heritage Collector Suite you'll find easier ways to use, find, and work with thousands of multimedia files - specially designed to copy all the photos and related information from your Legacy family file. Everything you need in one program....
Part Number: GSM

Price: $29.95
GenSmarts analyzes the genealogy information you've previously recorded in Legacy, and creates a checklist of sources to search.
Part Number: GLS

Price: $29.95
Genelines is a timeline charting companion for Legacy that lets you place the names and events of your family's past into historical context. It creates unique, customizable charts, including full descendant and time-based fan charts. Comes with a library of historical timelines.