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Part Number: B_MOBGEN

Price: $19.95
Whether you have an iPad, an Android tablet, or a smartphone (or all three), Mobile Genealogy will help you put them to work for your genealogy research. Mobile Genealogy picks up where genealogy and tech guru Lisa Louise Cooke’s book Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse left off, and then leaves it in the dust! This time around, she’s covered all of the bases: tablet, smartphone, Android and iOS. And she’s expanded into more apps, in more depth, and provides the latest cutting-edge strategies for mobile genealogy. You'll get step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks!

Published Feb 2016, Perfect-bound Paperback: 174 pages, 6" x 9"
Part Number: B_MINDMAP

Price: $25.00
This book(let) provides an introduction to the concepts of mind maps, a tool which can take your research skills to new levels you never imagined were possible. In addition to providing step-by-step instructions for two of the leading mind mapping products (which also just happen to be free), this book provides numerous examples of how these tools can be used, including with the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS), the FAN (friends and neighbors) Principle, and Inferential Genealogy. Data from Dr. Thomas Jones' and Elizabeth Shown Mills' have been reworked into mind maps. Includes a buyers guide for many of the available mind map products and services. Published 2014, Full-Color Paperback: 76 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Part Number: B_PINNING_

Price: $2.99
It seems that pinning sites are all the rage and becoming more popular. Sites like Pinterest and others can let you share your family history finds with family, friends and the public. But be warned! Pinning can become an addictive way to surf the Web!20 pages | Published Sep 2013 | PDF (download-only) edition
Part Number: B_WOLFRAM_

Price: $3.95
Most genealogists and family historians these days are familiar with a variety of search engines used to locate information on the Internet. These include Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as specialty search engines such as Mocavo. The process is pretty straight-forward: you enter your search terms and you get back a list of links to relevant websites. But what if there were a search engine that allowed queries in the form of a question and, in fact, preferred that format? 31 pages | Published Sep 2013 | PDF (download-only) edition
Part Number: WXSMRTPHON_

Price: $9.95
If “the camera you have with you” is usually your smartphone, learn to push your photo skills to new levels. Discover apps, accessories and techniques for pro-level scans and photos created with your smartphone. Enhance scanned documents for greater readability, edit and create photo projects with family snapshots.

1 hour 1 minute, plus 4 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.