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Legacy QuickGuide: Citing Your Sources by Thomas MacEntee (PDF Edition)

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After years of doing genealogy research, many are now realizing the importance of creating source citations in order to locate the source of a record. Whether you are using a genealogy database program such as Legacy Family Tree or you track your work on a spreadsheet, it is important to learn the fundamental components of a source citation. In addition, there are numerous programs, apps and websites that can assist you in citing your sources. Creating source citations is like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for other researchers (and for yourself) so they can see where you found a record and how it fits in with your genealogy research.
The Citing Your Sources Legacy QuickGuide™ contains valuable information so you can understand the components of source citations and start tracking your genealogy research in a uniform manner. In addition, this guide contains over 25 of the most used source citation formats for genealogists! This handy 5-page PDF guide can be used on your computer or mobile device for anytime access.
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