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The Google Toolbox Bundle by Lisa Louise Cooke

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The Genealogist's Google Toolbox, Second Edition print book and all 14 episodes of the Google Earth for Genealogy Video Series are available to you at one low cost. Both of these products are designed to guide and educate your journey through finding your family history and virtually walking in your ancestors foot steps.

The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox includes:
  • Google Search: Get all the latest on how to get the best search results possible. New chapter on searching for common surnames!
  • Google Alerts: Yous personal genealogy assistant.
  • Gmail: Never lose another email. Expanded!
  • Google Books: The world’s history at your fingertips. Includes expanded instructions on using My Library.
  • Google Translate: Explore foreign language websites and documents.
  • YouTube: Find your family history in action on video. And all new: Build your own free YouTube channel.
  • Brand new chapters on Google Scholar and Google Patents!
  • Google Earth: Rock your ancestor’s world!
Published 2015, Perfect-bound Paperback: 203 pages, 8.5" x 11", black and white with illustrations

Google Earth for Genealogy: Video Series includes
Previously on CD, now as a digital download!

Learn how to use Google Earth for genealogy in new and exciting ways! This set of tutorial videos by nationally known genealogist Lisa Louise Cooke brings you over 2 1/2 hours of easy-to-follow instructions. You'll be blown away at what you can do with Google Earth, and Lisa's project ideas will give your family members a new perspective and appreciation of family history.
Explore all 14 episodes!
  • Download and use Google Earth
  • Identify the locations of old photographs Part 1
  • Identify the locations of old photographs Part 2
  • Explore church record origins
  • Plot your ancestors' homesteads
  • Create your own custom historic map overlays
  • Save and share Google Earth images
  • Pinpoint Your Ancestors Property
  • Locate Original Land Surveys
  • Customize Place Marks and Add Photographs
  • Add Videos to Maps
  • Add Focus with Polygons and Paths
  • Incorporate 3D Models of Ancestral Locations
  • Create and Share family History Tours

About the author:
Lisa Louise Cooke is the owner of Genealogy Gems, a genealogy and family history multi-media company. She is Producer and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, the popular online genealogy audio show as well as the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast, both available at, in iTunes, and through the Genealogy Gems app, and free toolbar. Her podcasts bring genealogy news, research strategies, expert interviews and inspiration to genealogists in 75 countries around the world.
Lisa’s offerings are not limited to online. She is a sought after international genealogy speaker, and produces live presentations of The Genealogy Gems Podcast at top genealogy conferences.
Whether in person or online, Lisa strives to dig through the myriad of genealogy news, questions and resources and deliver the gems that can unlock each listeners own family history treasure trove!
Family is not just a priority professionally. Lisa is a doting wife to Bill, the proud mom of three daughters, and has added the role of Grandma to her resume. She counts her blessings every day for the love, fulfillment and laughter that family brings to every aspect of her life.
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