Magnabrite is the original light gathering magnifier since 1950. This highly-crafted 4x magnifier is made of precision machined solid optical quality acrylic.

By gathering the available light, the magnifier makes the viewed item 4 times brighter than conventional magnifying glasses. Magnabrite is pre-focused, so it stays in focus at all times. To use, simply glide the Magnabrite over any surface - the focus is automatic and you can view subjects from almost any angle! The slightly concave bottom also reduces scratching to ensure years of use.
These Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifiers are perfect for reading small print, maps, photographs, census records, wills, newspapers, and more!
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Part Number: MB2

Price: $19.95
Comes with its own protective drawstring flannel bag.
Part Number: MB3

Price: $25.95
Comes with its own protective drawstring flannel bag. When an attractive wooden base is purchased, the reading magnifier globe fits into a lip in the base so you can move the base with the magnifier globe in it. The base has no bottom so you can view your subject through the globe. This keeps the magnifier globe smudge free and makes a very attractive desk accessory.