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Legacy QuickGuide: Anatomy of a Marriage Record by Cari A. Taplin (PDF Edition) Storefront > Legacy QuickGuides > General

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Legacy QuickGuide: Anatomy of a Marriage Record by Cari A. Taplin (PDF Edition)
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Love and marriage is the stuff of romance novels and blockbuster movies time and time again. What about our ancestors? The fact that two people came together, formed a union and raised a family is how we came to be in existence today. For many, this is the foundation of researching ancestors and can prove to be fascinating stories in their lives. Marriage records are a fundamental aspect of genealogical research. Details such as how the couple met or what their wedding was like may never be fully known. Marriage records are one place to find clues to questions about how our ancestors came together, generation after generation, to create the family we know today.

The Anatomy of a Marriage Record Legacy QuickGuide™ contains valuable information on how to interpret the data in a variety of marriage records including marriage license applications and marriage registers. This handy 5-page PDF guide can be used on your computer or mobile device for anytime access.