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2.5" Magnabrite Magnifier (64mm) with Round Wood Base

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Comes with its own protective drawstring flannel bag. When an attractive wooden base is purchased, the reading magnifier globe fits into a lip in the base so you can move the base with the magnifier globe in it. The base has no bottom so you can view your subject through the globe. This keeps the magnifier globe smudge free and makes a very attractive desk accessory.
Magnabrite is the original light gathering magnifier since 1950. This highly-crafted 4x magnifier is made of precision machined solid optical quality acrylic.

By gathering the available light, the magnifier makes the viewed item 4 times brighter than conventional magnifying glasses. Magnabrite is pre-focused, so it stays in focus at all times. To use, simply glide the Magnabrite over any surface - the focus is automatic and you can view subjects from almost any angle! The slightly concave bottom also reduces scratching to ensure years of use.
These Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifiers are perfect for reading small print, maps, photographs, census records, wills, newspapers, and more!
Customer Reviews
  • I have used The Magnabrite for nearly six years and cannot function in my workplace without this. Prior to discovering this, I used a standard hand-held magnifer which was very limiting as I work with price lists and other documents while working on the computer. This allows me the freedom of not having to hold and focus a hand-held device while typing. I am interested in purchasing several and would like to know if these are available only on-line or if living and working very near to your location on W. State St. in Garland I might be able to purchase at your location. Thank you for your time and most of all for your product. S. H.
  • "I want to thank you for creating the wonderful Magnabrite Magnifier. It has helped me than I ever could have imagined. I can once again, see the dials on my household appliances, read restaurant menus and package labels. It is so convenient, I take it with me for shopping, and enjoy not having to ask for assistance. I can once again read labels. It may not sound like a big thinkg to you -- but it is to me. Thanks again for a wonderful product." -- L. C. C.
  • I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the Magnibrite product. I am in my mid 50's and have experienced the inablity to read small print without using reading glasses of some kind. This convenient product has enabled me to at a moments notice, be able to read what I need to at work. I keep it right by my desk so it is always there when I need to use it. I never would have thought it would be so easy to see small type again. This is a great product and so easy to use. I just love my Magnabrite!
  • Just want to let you know I received the Magnabrite today. I took it to my Dad and he was thrilled and delighted!! He said it is Great!! Thank you for making this product!! It means a lot to me to be able to find such a wonderful aid that allows him to be able to read his newspaper. He has wet macular degeneration and only has partial vision in one eye. Thanks again. -- Renie
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