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Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists by Thomas MacEntee - ebook (PDF edition)

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In general, most of my readers know that I don’t always follow “the latest big thing” when it comes to technology. My theory has always been: why should I be a bug fixer for Microsoft (or you can change it to Apple, HP, etc.)? I almost never upgrade or buy the “.0 version” of something.

You won’t find me waiting in line outside the Apple store for the latest iPhone. I know that I can usually save money by staying at least one version back and waiting for the “.1 version” of something. However, with Windows 10, things are a bit different due to the way in which Microsoft is deploying the operating system and including a big financial incentive. When Windows 10 debuted in mid-2015, Microsoft announced that qualified users (those on Windows 7 and Windows 8) could receive Windows 10 for free.

So, like me, you probably endured the constant notifications when you booted up each morning asking if you wanted to download and install Windows 10. And like me, you kept putting it off. Or perhaps, you clicked YES by mistake and you then had to deal with fixing lots of things.

And now, Microsoft is enforcing its deadline of July 29, 2016, to get the free upgrade. After that date, you will need to pay $119 USD for the same upgrade.

That’s why I wrote Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists. I upgraded several of my devices starting in December 2015 and while I did lose access to some default settings, and I had to reinstall some software, it was not as bad an experience as I had heard others describe.

However, the hours I spent “fixing” my system kept me from researching family history. So I’ve compiled a list of “annoyances” to check once the upgrade to Windows 10 is complete. In this guide I also offer advice on how to prepare for the upgrade, what to do if you don’t qualify for the free upgrade, and also why you might not want to even upgrade at all!

I’ve pulled together a huge list of resources at the end of this guide, along with additional reading. This guide can’t possibly cover every possible upgrade situation or system configuration . . . as they say “Your mileage may vary.” But, at the very least, you’ll have the tools needed to find answers to your Windows 10 questions.

Learn and benefit from my experiences in going through the Windows 10 upgrade!

48 pages | Published 2016 | PDF (download-only) edition
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