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Part Number: WXTAXMATT_

Price: $9.95
Tax lists of all kinds, whether head taxes or taxes on real estate or personal property, are a rich source of data on families and individuals often recorded nowhere else.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on August 2, 2017. 1 hour 32 minutes plus 6 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of themonthlyorannualmembership.
Part Number: WXTENYEARS_

Price: $9.95
The federal census gives us wonderful clues for our research, but the ten years between each census is a long time. This presentation will discuss records that can be used to fill in the gap and add more points to your ancestor’s timeline.
61 minutes, plus 4 pages of handouts.
Part Number: WXTAXLISTS_

Price: $9.95
Benjamin Franklin is said to have stated, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Taxation can take (and has taken) many forms. The mission of this presentation is to discuss some of they ways in which our ancestors were taxed, the records that were created, and where we might find those records. Additionally you’ll learn how those tax records may help you solve some of your genealogical questions.

This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on May 28, 2014. 1 hour 27 minutes plus 3 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of themonthly or annual membership.