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Part Number: WXCRTHOUSE_

Price: $9.95
If there is one home truth in genealogy research, it’s this: not everything is available online. Sooner or later, every genealogist has got to make that first trip to the courthouse to check out the original records available there. Learn how to prepare for that trip, the rules of the road, what to expect, what to ask for, and how to be sure you'll be welcomed back the next time. This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on April 10, 2013. 1 hour 27 minutes. Plus 8 pages of handouts.
Part Number: WXTRENCHES_

Price: $9.95
You've created a great research plan so what happens next? It's time to get out and start visiting libraries, archives and repositories! Join Marian Pierre-Louis as she provides tips for successful on-site visits.