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Part Number: W9NETHRECS_

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The Netherlands has excellent records. Records of births, marriages, and deaths were kept by the civil registration since 1811 and by churches since the early 1600s. Genealogists who don’t look beyond these records may create trees that go back ten generations, but they can be bare or have mistakes. By expanding the research to lesser used sources, we can learn more about our ancestors’ lives and find evidence of family relationships to build reliable conclusions. Using examples from her own research, Yvette will demonstrate how to find and use court, notarial, military, and cadastral records, and other records you may not have used before. Find out if your Dutch ancestors owned property, what their occupations were, or even what they looked like. See them in the context of their families and associates, and understand their roles in the communities where they lived.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on July 16, 2019. 1 hour 12 minutes, plus 6 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.
Part Number: W8DUTCHHLP_

Price: $9.95
This presentation was part of the 2018 Surname Society annual seminar.

Many have ancestors of Dutch origin; some of them arrived as early settlers in the 17th century, others as immigrants in the 19th and 20th century. Dutch research requires knowledge of the Dutch language, which makes it a challenge for researchers from other countries. The good thing is that Dutch archives are full with documents that survived wars and other calamities.
If you want to find your Dutch ancestors, you need to know how and where to search for their names. In this webinar you hear about the development of Dutch family names, the elements of a person’s name, the use of patronymics. This webinar also gives you an overview of the most important records and websites for genealogy in the Netherlands, and teaches you how to search for Dutch names in genealogical databases.

60minutes. The recording is also included as part of themonthlyorannualmembership.
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A broad overview of research in Europe - a continent spanning more than thirty countries which has been subjected to wars, political unrest and border changes. Europe is a Continent with different languages, cultures and religions, all of which play a part in family history research. This presentation looks at the obstacles and pitfalls a researcher may encounter, and the major historical events & those that have had a marked effect on family history & are identified, especially the impact of the world wars and regional conflicts, border changes and movements of populations. Advice on broadly available sources is also discussed.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on December 16, 2016. 1 hour 38 minutes, plus 5 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.
Part Number: WXDUTCH_

Price: $9.95
Do you have ancestors from the Netherlands? This webinar introduces you to the most important records and shows you what you can find online, even if you don't know any Dutch. Learn how naming traditions and emigration patterns can help you find your Dutch ancestors.

This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on September 16, 2015. 1 hour 32 minutes, plus 10 pages of handouts.