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Legacy Family Tree 9 - Unlocked! by Geoff Rasmussen (PDF version)

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272 pages | Published Nov 2016 | PDF edition (download-only) | 8.5" x 11" | Full color
Anyone can use Legacy Family Tree. It is simple enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the experienced. Without this book, you will probably discover some of the more powerful Legacy tools on your own...eventually...but why wait? In Legacy Family Tree 9 - Unlocked! you will learn how to better utilize some of Legacy’s best features by shadowing the research process of professional genealogist and Legacy Family Tree developer, Geoff Rasmussen:
  • Shared Events
  • Sources, SourceWriter, and the Source Clipboard
  • To Do List
  • Family Mapping
  • Chronology View and the Chronology Comparison Report (new in v9!)
  • Why and how to add unlinked individuals
  • Brand new Find A Grave tool (new in v9!)
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Brand new Hashtag tool (new in v9!)
  • Media Relinker
  • The hidden FamilySearch Export button
  • Digital pictures and other media
  • Much more...
This book is for genealogists and Legacy Family Tree 9 users of all expertise. All levels of genealogists benefit from learning about how others do research. Long time Legacy users will enjoy the insights into the advanced features (especially the Chronology Comparison Tool!) and little tips and tricks along the way. Beginning Legacy users will not only begin to grasp what is possible in Legacy but they will learn to “do it right the first time.”
Not only will you learn how to use Legacy, but you will learn how to use it in the context of real genealogical research situations. This book is based on the more-popular-than-he-ever-dreamed-of “Watch Geoff Live” webinar series, meaning, it was written live and unscripted. Geoff explained, “As I researched my ancestor, John Williams, I wrote down every thought, decision and step-by-step procedure as I went. I included examples and screenshots of how I added:
  • Online documents
  • Online databases
  • Census records
  • Probate records
  • Obituaries
  • Death certificates
  • Email correspondence Legacy Family Tree. The instructions can serve as a template to guide genealogists and Legacy users through their own research and use of Legacy.”
As you contemplate, adapt, and apply the research and data entry procedures from this book, you will have more time to find your ancestors. With the new skills you gain about how to better use Legacy Family Tree, you will be more prepared, organized and better equipped to find those challenging ancestors.
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What others said about Geoff's Legacy Family Tree Unlocked! 1st edition
  • "I have to say that I have never in my life read a how to book so well written. I read it in one setting which as we know most how to books take forever because they are so dry. Your touches of humor and stories made the book enjoyable as well as a learning experience. When I started reading I was a newbie to Legacy Family Tree, now I feel like an expert." - D.
  • "I finished reading your latest book yesterday. You have done a great job - again - it is going to be my go-to book for sure." - Marian
  • I have been using Legacy Family Tree for at least six years and yet it seems I have not even touched the surface as far as the potential of this powerful programme. This became apparent as I read your book. Having cruised with you in 2008 and 2009 I was familiar with the ease with which you teach new concepts. You have used this same style in LFT Unlocked so well that I could just picture you in front of me using your computer as a projector to illustrate where you were going. And the humour .... priceless! I have always been in the dark when it came to quoting sources and you have made me more comfortable with this procedure although I haven’t ventured there yet. I have sourced facts but not as well as you have shown. - John
  • "Your new book has made it so easy. A big thank you for putting these instructions in book form. I am recommending this book to all my genealogy friends." - Cheryl
  • "Congratulations, a great, easy to follow manual. I just love your informal, hands on approach." - Philip
  • "Great book, thank you. It is so nice to read a ‘manual’ sort of thing that is combined with a great story, lots of lessons, and lots of grins/laugh-out-loud’s - thanks for including so much of your brilliant sense of humour. No wonder I couldn’t put it down!" - Anne
  • "Thank you Geoff so much for your book "Legacy unlocked". I am learning so much from it, especially ways of being more systematic in entering my data, and the value of the chronology. I can see that adopting your steps may help me break through some of my brick walls. You explain things so clearly it helps me make the most of Legacy's features and your webinars are great too." - Susan
  • "I have finished reading the electronic copy of Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked. Great work. Following along as an expert "does it" is a much easier way to learn than the typical instruction manual type presentation. Having both together is a great advantage as no specific demonstration can go into all of the detailed functions described in a good user manual." - Randy
  • "Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked came today, and I can hardly put it down. It makes me realize how much time and effort I have wasted over the years. Thank you for writing this book. I love the fact that it is informal and easy to understand." - Karen
  • "I love the way that the Geoff Live webinars and book are intuitive (and sometimes point out the not so obvious)." - Deb
  • "I ordered your new book the minute I read about it yesterday and got the ebook last night. I have read as much as I could this morning and LOVE it!!!! Everyone is going to be so pleased to have this at their fingertips when the Legacy 8 comes out. Now I can prepare ahead of time." - Janet
  • I have learned a lot from reading your step by step guides. And I have now sent myself the following (amongst others) reminders -
    • Make full use of the chronology view. It is an invaluable tool for helping with research.
    • Use the source clipboard more efficiently now you have seen it in action. (And save time too).
    • Add images to facts/events as well as to their sources. (I had only attached to the source but now see the advantage of adding twice).
    • When an event/fact has been recorded, immediately set up a to-do item to follow up new or unanswered research questions. (I always ask myself three questions when I start data entry for any document 1. What does this tell me? 2. What does this not tell me? 3. Where can I find more information? Plus, of course, is this a primary or secondary source?)
    • Add a source to the parent's name(s), using the parent button on the individual information box.
    • Make full use of useful tools like the soundex feature, date calculator etc.
    • Use the county date checker for historical accuracy.
    • Think about when I would use shared events.
    • Finally - buy Legacy V8 when it becomes available - after all it is the best genealogy software.
    • I loved the ending of the book when you described the visit to the cemetery. Visiting ancestral graves, old family homes, churches ancestors were married in etc is a favourite part of my research. - Anne
  • Could not put it down. Very informative book and can't wait for Legacy version 8. - Karen
  • Whoohoo, Geoff! This looks like your greatest idea yet! - Susan
  • I have so many new ideas of how to organize my data and use the various features of Legacy that up to now I have only haphazardly used. AND I am so excited about the new release. - Paula
  • Great job as always on making things simple to follow. - Rick
  • Your book and the way you proceed step-by-step is very helpful. I am working my way through the PDF and duplicating each step in Legacy Family Tree. - Jim
  • Great piece of work. Didn't realize how important sourcing is to quality genealogy. Now I have a cookbook for getting it right. - Terry
About the Author
Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is a dynamic genealogy speaker on all forms of genealogy technology, and as host of the Legacy Family Tree webinar series, has spoken virtually to nearly 100 different countries. He recently received the Distinguished Presenter Award at the prestigious RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City. He has authored books, videos, articles, and websites, and develops the Legacy Family Tree software program. On a personal note, Geoff enjoys playing the piano, organ, cello and basketball. His favorite places are cemeteries, the ocean, and hanging out with other genealogists. He met and proposed to his wife in a Family History Center.
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