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Part Number: W8FINNRSRC_

Price: $9.95
Finland is a wonderful place to research a family. Frequently there are church records going back to the early 1700s if not earlier. There is a heritage of families remaining in a community for generations, until they emigrated. Many of the online resources have wonderful English-language interfaces (though the records are in Finnish or Swedish depending where in the country your ancestors lived) and just in case needed, there are a plethora of Finnish research aids and on-line machine translation services. And, Finland is probably one of the easier countries to research female ancestors in! Almost always, the female is listed with at least a patronymic for her father and sometimes she will be listed with her maiden name! We’ll explore at least 6 online Finnish resources that you can access in your jammies, anytime you want.

1 hour 2minutes, plus 4 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of themonthlyorannualmembership.
Part Number: W_EURANC_

Price: $9.95
A broad overview of research in Europe - a continent spanning more than thirty countries which has been subjected to wars, political unrest and border changes. Europe is a Continent with different languages, cultures and religions, all of which play a part in family history research. This presentation looks at the obstacles and pitfalls a researcher may encounter, and the major historical events & those that have had a marked effect on family history & are identified, especially the impact of the world wars and regional conflicts, border changes and movements of populations. Advice on broadly available sources is also discussed.

This was presented to a live webinar audience on December 16, 2016. 1 hour 38 minutes, plus 5 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.