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Part Number: WXSCRPJOUR_

Price: $9.95
Scrapbooking and journaling your family history has never been easier! Using free apps on your mobile devices will turn your selfies into family treasures to be shared for generations. We will discuss using, creating, and printing with Chatbooks and MySocialBooks as well as why it is important to preserve your pictures both digitally and physically. Lastly, we will have a brief discussion on blogging your family history, how to begin, and how to eventually print your blog into book form.

33 minutes, plus 2 pages of handouts. The recording is also included as part of the monthly or annual membership.
Part Number: WXBLOG4_

Price: $9.95
Continuing the discussion about free online software at to get your message out to the world. This sessions topics include adding gadgets such as links to other websites, adding book suggestions from, removing the blogger search bar and inserting a Google Search box to make it easier for your readers to find previous postings.

This class was presented to a live webinar (online seminar) audience on September 6, 2013. 1 hour 41 minutes. Plus 5 pages of handouts.The recording is also included as part of themonthly or annual membership.
Part Number: WXBLOG3_

Price: $9.95
Step-by-step approach to creating a blog, and making postings using the free service at A great way to share genealogy research, post your society's newsletter, share info with extended family members. The webinar will also feature a survey of sample blogs, and links for additional help.
Part Number: WXBLOG5_

Price: $9.95
Honor ancestors by creating blog posts - a place on the web that anyone can find using simple search engine techniques. Learn how to cut costs of printing & snail-mailing your family newsletter, and find out how to reach beyond your current membership circle. Carrie demos setting up a blog in three easy steps. Myrt analyzes a printed newsletter and demos how to turn it into a blog. Includes info on setting up a Google Calendar that several members can update, and how to convert your blog into a genealogy book.