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The Digital Family History Guidebook (PDF Edition) by Marlo Schuldt

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Included free with the Heritage Collector Suite.

All the rules and "mine fields" for digital imaging. Learn about easier scanning, using sound, digital cameras, video and GPS, making digital scrapbooks, creating hard-bound books, preservation & archiving, and much more.
Over 200 pages - Nine chapters of helpful information designed to help you with family history projects while saving you time, money and frustration.
  1. Where to begin
  2. Easier scanning
  3. Using sound
  4. Digital cameras, video and GPS
  5. Storytelling
  6. Digital scrapbook
  7. Creating a hard bound book
  8. Preservation & Archiving
  9. Understanding your computer
Additional Features
  • Marlo's Mine Field warnings helps you protect yourself
  • Tips and short cuts makes it faster and easier to do things
  • Simple step-by-step (1-2-3) instructions
  • Comprehensive chapters
See what people are saying about the guidebook
Reg Farnsworth writes . . .
“I’m relatively a new user to Pro-Media Suite and an avid amateur photographer and genealogist. I must say Heritage Collector Pro exceeds all of my expectations. Like you I’ve have searched for a program that would compliment my family history and organizing lots of photo’s. I’ve tried many different programs in the past, only to be disappointed in its performance and ease of function.
It is without the slightest hesitation, I'd rate your software and handbook a five star plus (*****+).
The Guidebook is rock solid and chocked full of sound advice. Obviously, it speaks with the voice of experience. Anyone reading the mine field section of each chapter, would be rewarded in avoiding unexpected pitfalls, been there and done that too. It’s simply the best program on the market today. Was at first reluctant to try another program but, am so glad I did.
In just a short time after viewing the video’s in the basic program was up and running with ease. Highly recommend this marvelous program regardless of individual skills.
I’m positive other’s will not be disappointed either.
Happy and enthusiastic, thank you for the wonderful Software and Handbook.”
Sondra Buckwalter writes . . .
"When the Guidebook came out I was really excited because it actually teaches step by step what to do and what not to do in preserving photos, sound bites, videos etc. It is so simply written with graphic aids, how can anyone go wrong! It is the best teaching tool I have found to help even the most computer challenged individual to have success. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!"
Seth and Jessica Blatter writes . . .
"The guidebook is a very useful resource. We were overwhelmed with knowing what accessories we needed to have to get ourselves started, but we used the guidebook through that whole process and are very pleased with the outcome. We can't say thank you enough. We absolutely love it!"
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