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Genelines (Download-Only Software)

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Genelines is a timeline charting companion for Legacy that lets you place the names and events of your family's past into historical context. It creates unique, customizable charts, including full descendant and time-based fan charts. Comes with a library of historical timelines.
Genelines is a timeline charting companion for Legacy that lets you place the names and events of your family's past into historical context. This popular timeline charting program has been upgraded with new charts, more chart customization, PDF export, and many more new features! Genelines is a powerful research and storytelling tool that lets you SEE your ancestors' lives in time. These unique charts set a new standard for family historians, allowing you to illustrate biographical or relationship information for individuals or ancestral groups in a meaningful way. You see their lives in time, in relation to each other, personal life events and the local, regional and world stage events they experienced.
By bringing together the elements of time, historical events and family relationships on colorful timeline charts, Genelines can point out key issues and new directions for your family research. Genelines will also help you illustrate for others the fascinating facts you've discovered about your family history in the course of your research.
Genelines provides seven different, full-color charts, with countless ways to customize each of them. To create these timeline charts, Genelines draws data from two sources:
  • Your Legacy family file, and
  • A library of history files.
Genelines charts truly set the world standard for timeline software, allowing you to illustrate your family history in ways that were never before possible!
Key Features of Genelines 2.0 for Legacy:
  • Reads Legacy data files without importing.
  • Reads GEDCOM format.
  • Provides seven unique, fully customizable chart styles, including a new Full Descendant chart and time based Fan chart.
  • Text View provides a text version of a timeline report that lists, in chronological order, all the events, dates, notes, etc. for the people in a chart.
  • Allows you to create and modify your own historical events and timelines.
  • Comes with a library of timeline files. More are available free from the Timeline Exchange.
  • Displays charts in full color, with a variety of border options.
  • Export charts to PDF format.
  • Provides on-screen manipulation of chart colors, borders and fonts.
  • Prints charts in a full range of sizes. Insert into publications, or print as wall charts.
  • Estimates and visually points out unknown dates, making it easy to see where more research is needed.
  • Makes it easy to see illogical or contradictory data.
  • FREE unlimited product support by telephone and e-mail.
  • Genelines charts can be printed in a full range of sizes from single sheets to large wall charts.

Genelines lets you create seven customizable timeline charts, including:
Individual Biographical Chart: A biographical chart for a selected ancestor that depicts the chronology of customized life event categories such as occupation, health, residence, etc.
Comparative Biographical Chart: An age-based biographical chart comparing the life events of two or more chosen individuals.
Pedigree Chart: A relationship chart showing an individual's ancestors for a chosen number of generations against the backdrop of a timeline.
Direct Line Chart: A relationship chart depicting a single family line between a chosen individual and direct descendant (or ancestor) against the backdrop of a timeline.
Family Group Chart: A relationship chart depicting the children, spouses and parents of a chosen individual against the backdrop of a timeline.
Fan Chart: A relationship chart that portrays a person's pedigree in the form of an open fan, or half circle. The Fan chart has curved boxes linked by generation, showing the ancestors' year of birth across a time line.
Full Descendant Chart: A relationship chart displays linked life bars for all descendants of a chosen subject, for as many generations selected and available in your data file.
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