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Flip-PalŽ mobile scanner with USB adaptor

Price: $149.99
Status: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Weight: 1 lb, 1 oz

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For memory keepers, family historians, and genealogists who want to conveniently and reliably scan photos, documents, images in books and magazines, and works of art so that they can be stored digitally, then shared with family and friends for under $150. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows you to scan photos safely while still in the album or frame. Unlike alternative solutions that don't have the combination of mobility, accuracy, versatility, and keeping the original safe, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is compact, simple to operate, has high resolution, quick scan time, battery power, cordless - no computer required, and onboard memory. It is recognized as being document-friendly and our customers say it is permitted in the National Archives and Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Flip-Pal mobile scanner in retail packaging with batteries, SD card, SD to USB adaptor, and Quick Start Guide.
Product dimensions: 12 x 9 x 2 inches, 1.5 pounds
Click here to watch a webinar with the Flip-Pal inventor.
Customer comments
Thanks so much for your prompt attention and help. Not many companies have your
willingness to go the distance to stand behind their product. I am a very satisfied customer.
- Kati, Tennessee
What a wonderful device! I have 1000's of unsorted photos, and many albums, and had despaired of ever being able to organize and preserve them. My regular scanner made copying each photo a chore and I was afraid I would never live long enough to do them all. Flip-Pal is just wonderful!
- Margaret, California
I am excited to go to the blog for ideas. I toss it in my purse and take it everywhere. I show it off to everyone. I had it at the dental office this morning and they were blown away at what it can do.
- Kandy, Colorado
Love it. I have and will keep recommending it to anyone doing research.
A real jewel to use and just what we have needed.
- Linda, Florida
So easy, right out of the box! It had everything I needed to try it out immediately. The scans are perfect. The software for stitching and color correction work really well and are very easy to use!
- Benita, Washington
This tool is so incredibly useful for genealogy. Folks understandably don’t want to part with their old photos or albums even for copying, but to watch me make the copies while sitting at their kitchen table is a much different story - old photos almost jump out of the corners.
- Sally, Washington
I’m a Mac user, just downloaded EasyStitch for Mac and it works perfectly. I did a 16 segment scan of a map. The map was framed and under glass. The results were great. You have one fantastic machine.
- Frank , Pennsylvania
I’m big into genealogy, and have tons of photos to copy - I’ve already got over 1000 scans on the scanner. Thanks for creating this great tool - I’ve scanned medals, old scrapbooks, military photos, documents, dried corsages/pressed corsages - you name it!
- Kris, Michigan
Love the flexibility and compact size - will be taking it to New Mexico to document family photos from a relative. The absolute best use I get is scanning the jewelry I make!
- Jeanne, Washington
I have been scanning madly since I received your scanner. I have thousands (really) of photographs from the 80 years of my life plus many others from our large extended family. I’m thrilled with my Flip-Pal scanner and send thanks to those of you who made this Flip-Pal scanner a reality. I will explore other uses for Flip-Pal. Just having fun at the moment. Aloha.
- Charlotte, Hawaii
The Flip-Pal scanner is a productive tool unlike anything I’ve encountered before, and it is making everything easier for an historical society like us. The Flip-Pal is the first technological device I’ve actually been excited about and enjoyed using since 1987, when I first tried a computer.
- Gary, member of West Park Historical Society, Ohio
I downloaded your newer version of the stitching software called EasyStitch and that fixed my all my stitching problems. Glad it worked because I love this product.
- Chriss, Pennsylvania
I read reviews online of your scanner and it is as good as they say. It is unbelievable. What a great product. I am making a book of my dad’s WW2 missions. I used the stitch feature to stitch together ten scans of a plane cross-section and it turned out great. It works way better than my big computer scanner. Thanks for such a great product.
- Cindy, Minnesota
I finally got to see the Flip-Pal in action and WOW is it ever COOL!! My friend didn’t get to use it much because everyone was taking it from her to scan everything they could get their hands on, what an AWESOME Christmas present. Thank you again for your GREAT Customer Service.
- Melinda, Ontario, CA
This is the best purchase I made last year! Love it! It has totally exceeded my expectations. I told my father about the Flip-Pal so he ordered one too! He’s 75 years old and is having a blast scanning and sending photos of his remote youth to his friends.
- Susan, Texas
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