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Charting Companion 6 (Download-Only Software)

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With Charting Companion, you can create beautiful-looking family tree charts! Share your research with friends and relatives. For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. (Note: this is not the same as "Legacy Charting," which is the Wall Charting program that is included with Legacy Deluxe. This is an additional charting program published by Progeny Genealogy.)

Fractal Tree
The Fractal Tree is a compact way of displaying your ancestors. A fractal is a self-similar, repeating geometric shape. Each generation branches in a pattern like the letter 'H'.
Dandelion Chart
The Dandelion Chart allows all the members of your family to be displayed, even the parents or ancestors of spouses. Watch the animation as it dynamically transforms!

Descendant Fan Chart
New! One-of-a-kind Descendant Fan chart available only with Charting Companion family tree software. This is an eye-catching way of showing your whole family – with several generations, on a single page.
Fan charts can be produced in 90°, 180° and 360° variations, and make stunning wall charts.
Descendant Left to Right Family Tree Chart
Charting Companion lets you create left-to-right Descendant charts. The top-down format for this family tree chart is also available.
Genealogy Charts with Photos
Most family tree style charts generated can include photos. But Charting Companion is smarter than any genealogy database when it comes to using photos in charts. Charting Companion allows you to customize the size of each photo you wish to display – as small or large as you choose. And if there is no photo in your database, it doesn't clutter your chart with an unsightly placeholder: it simply omits the photo. This allows you to save space and create more professional-looking presentations.
Ancestor with Siblings Charts
Charting Companion allows you to create a unique Siblings Ancestor chart so that you can quickly see naming patterns over the generations. The "Cousin smart" option eliminates duplication of individuals. Charting Companion also supports charts with three color styles by gender, generation or lineage.

Trellis Chart with Everyone On it!
Trellis Chart™ is a new way to tell the story of your family. Unlike traditional box charts, Trellis Chart™ can show all the people in your tree, even those who are not in the direct bloodline. Your ancestors and descendants are listed by row within their generation. Members of a family are grouped by columns.
Other Stunning Fan Charts
Charting Companion creates impressive fan charts that add pizzazz to your genealogy books and presentations. Fan charts can be produced in 90°, 180° and 360° variations. With access to the full range of RGB colors (16,000,000) – including gradients and beveled edges, you can indeed create some spectacular family book– or wall-sized charts!
Control the Formatting of Your Family Tree Charts Using Charting Companion
You are in control of formatting your family tree charts when you choose Charting Companion™. You will also enjoy the extensive search and display capabilities, including on screen navigation through most charts. No genealogy database program gives you as much flexibility and style. Explore the examples below and see for yourself.
Show More Data on Each Family Tree Chart
You can show more data on each page using Charting Companion's left to right Descendant layout option. You can also customize page size, text spacing, line width, as well as font styles and sizes, in order to fit more family records on a chart.
Enjoy 16 Million Colors, Gradients and Beveled Edges
Charting Companion gives you access to 16,000,000 colors, including gradients and beveled edges, so you can create unique and impressive genealogy charts. As you know, when it comes to color printing, “what you see” on the screen is not always “what you get” at the printer. You get full control over colors – so you can refine your printed charts to get just the right shade!
Create Professional Grade Book Reports
Charting Companion gives you full control over formatting and pagination of your book reports when you print directly to Microsoft Word® or WordPerfect®. It also lets you create footnotes at the bottom of the page for citations, and an index table at the end of the book – giving you professional quality reports.
Enjoy the Outline Descendant Recap Feature
Charting Companion's Outline Descendant charts provide a “recap” feature at the top of the page. This makes it much easier for you to follow where a person is located in your lineage from one page to the next.
Get Exceptional Print Control
Charting Companion offers exceptional print control. You can print to any size paper, and save wall charts for output to a large format printer. Alternatively, when tiling wall charts yourself, Charting Companion provides crop marks, alignment marks, and page numbers to make your job much easier!
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